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Pipe and Cable Locator

We can install underground services with or without digging trenches.

Pipe and Cable Locator

can  install
services  with
or  without

Combine traditional trenching with Directional Drilling to save time and money and leave a smaller footprint on the environment, on the site and on your wallet.

For low cost and low impact delivery of power, gas, water and communications to your place 

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For low cost and low impact delivery of power, gas, water and communications to your place 

027 475 2331


When trenching is not permissible, directional drilling avoids the issues to deliver services without the damage.

Do you want to connect water, gas, power, fibre optic data cables or phone lines to your place, but there are roads, footpaths, driveways, parking areas or even houses in the way?
Directional Drilling gets under or around the issues. Services can be installed straight or gradually curved and adjusted to go around or under obstacles.

Are you building on a steep section? Is your dream house surrounded by precious New Zealand bush or a river?
Underground service installation can be carried out by our drilling rigs when our diggers can’t get in there and open trenches just aren’t going to cut it. 

Is your building site a long way from the nearest power transformer?
Directional Drilling technologies combined with traditional trenching methods means we can install services over large distances and across a variety of soil conditions.

Have you planned a home or minor dwelling in a built-up urban area, or a back section, but can’t destroy the years of work that have gone into you or your neighbour’s garden?
We can go under trees and gardens without damage or root disturbance.

Need a power upgrade?
More power phases can be delivered to your commercial or residential property, or gas lines can be installed under existing services.

If you’re planning to excavate, the last thing you want to do is hit any gas, water, power or telecommunications cables.
Before you dig call 027 475 2331 to ask about our underground utility locating services.

Why Consider Trenchless Technology?

When less is more …
  • Less Project Time
  • Less Project Cost
  • Less Soil Disturbance
  • Less Environmental Impact
  • Less Equipment, Manpower & Fuel Per Metre
  • Less Traffic Disturbance
  • Less Public Inconvenience
  • Less Demolition & Damage
  • Less Chance Of Disturbing Existing Services
  • Less Dependence On The Weather

Directional Drilling uses highly specialised drilling equipment…

and skilled operators to install underground services where conventional open cut methods are not permitted or are not environmentally or economically viable. Directional Drilling or Thrusting is a steerable trenchless method of installing underground services using a surface-launched drilling rig with minimal impact on the surrounding area. The no-trench, no-mess, no-demolish, environmentally friendly way of laying underground ducts and cables.

Get The Best of Both

We have experience in directional drilling, digging and trenching  projects of all sizes, from larger scale commercial builds to tricky residential sites. Every job is completed safely, efficiently and without fuss.


Underground Services North Auckland

Working out of Warkworth, Gulf Digging services Puhoi to Mangawhai, Waipu and the Brynderwyns and all the areas in between, such as Wellsford, Kaiwaka, Leigh, Pakari, Omaha, Matakana, Snells Beach, Mahurangi West and Ahuroa.


Thrusting Services North Auckland.

No Trench, No Mess, No Fuss;
We Know The Drill.

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HDD Drilling Services North Auckland.

No Trench,
No Mess,
No Fuss;
We Know The Drill.

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