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Directional Drilling

Nothing Is An Obstacle

Do you require cables or services installed under roads, footpaths, driveways, rivers, trees, bush blocks or even houses?

No problem. With directional drilling techniques, we can leave them there, intact.

Directional drilling, or Thrusting, is a trenchless method of installing underground ducting and services without digging costly and unsightly trenches. Instead, we drill precisely through the ground horizontally or at varying angles, with minimal impact on the surrounding area, often using a just a small entry and exit hole and generally leaving no evidence that we have been onsite at all.

Trenches Not Permitted?

Need to install ducts and cables where conventional open cut methods are not permitted, practical, environmentally or economically viable?

With directional drilling you can get it done.

Too Far, Too Steep, Too Varied? No!

Does the job require services over large distances and across a variety of soil conditions?

Not an issue.

Low Impact

Do the utilities need to be laid in an area open to the public?

In congested urban areas, Thrusting can not only remove the need for demolition, it can lessen public inconvenience: businesses can stay open during the operation and the impact on residents near the worksite can be significantly reduced.

Benefits Of DIRECTIONAL Drilling

  • Environmentally friendly – the carbon footprint can be 75% less than open-cut
  • Reduced project time
  • Reduced project cost
  • No mess
  • Greater range of installation depth
  • Lower chance of damaging existing utilities
  • Larger distance capabilities
  • Drilling is not weather dependant
  • Ducts can be laid in changeable ground conditions
  • No need for demolition
  • Reduced traffic & public disruption

What we install using directional drilling

  • Communications
  • Power
  • Water
  • Sprinklers
  • Reticulation
  • Gas

Traditional open cut trenching has limitations. Open trenches can only be used when the land is not too steep, the ground above can be disturbed, and there are no buildings, roadways, plantings or other obstructions in the way. Open trenching is weather dependent.

Directional Drilling Equipment

Over the years Gulf Digging has developed techniques to ensure fast, efficient and safe drilling operations. Gulf Digging operates two Vermeer directional drills using the latest F2 Falcon and Aroura location equipment. These HDD units are capable of drilling and pulling back duct and conduit up to to 150mm in diameter and are compact enough to get into tight areas without leaving a mess.

How Does Directional Drilling Work?

A Directional drill or Thruster rotates or pushes a drill head connected to hollow pipe into the ground at an angle. As each joint of drill rod is drilled into the ground, a new one is added behind.

A drill head is manipulated to follow a planned bore path which may be straight or gradually curved, and it can be steered to enable it to go around, over or under obstacles.

The drill head returns to the surface at a predetermined distance from the entry point. After the pilot bore is created, it can be enlarged and expanded for the needed utility lines using a reamer or cutter-head. Lastly, the duct or service to be installed is pulled back through the pilot bore to the initial entry point. We can thrust up to 100 metres at a time, but using our chain trencher, we can lay cables and any other services to any distance required.

Once the duct is installed, the exit and entry points are excavated, if necessary, and connections made.


Thrusting Services – North Auckland

Thrusting Services North Auckland.

No Trench, No Mess, No Fuss;
We Know The Drill.

Call 027 475 2331

Directional Drilling Services North Auckland.

No Trench,
No Mess,
No Fuss;
We Know The Drill.

027 475 2331