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Our clients needed underground cable installation and water and gas services delivered to their sites, but our diggers couldn’t get in there and open trenches just weren’t going to cut it. These are some examples of how Directional Drilling got around the issues.

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New Water Supply for a Residential Customer

Bore water supply was to be installed for a residential client.

The bore was in a paddock opposite the house and was separated by a path, tree line and driveway. To install a water main via a trench would have involved a lot of disruption, the removal of several large trees and the excavation of the driveway, all at considerable cost.

Directional drilling meant the water main could be installed with just two small excavation pits at each end. It could run under the trees, path and driveway with no mess, no fuss, and in a much shorter time frame, so therefore at less expense.

Getting Power Safely and More Cheaply

A property at Okura, near Long Bay, needed reliable 3-phase power delivered to their 1.5-hecatre property. The issue? A hedge growing through the overhead powerlines caused frequent power outages.

To get to the house from the road, overhead powerlines crossed a large hedge in a paddock neighbouring the house. To prevent power cuts to the property, the owner was forced to either put himself at risk by trimming the hedge or paying an arborist to regularly trim the trees. The solution? Directional Drilling. We went from the power pole on the road, down the hill, along the side of the house and under two culverts to the meter box and pulled back 90mm power and 32mm communications ducts and then installed the new power and communication cables.We then went back and removed the powerlines and took away the power poles. No more power cuts, no more visual pollution, no more risk trimming the trees himself and no more paying out for a professional to trim the hedge. A good solution all round.

Power and Communications on to a Rural Build / Whangateau

The client needed underground cable installation for power and communications to a house site surrounded by bush. The access point we had was a power transformer about 80m above the building site. Trenching was absolutely out of the question, due to the steepness of the terrain, the distance and the fact the cabling had to go through native bush, including Kauri.

Using the Directional drill, we were able to install over 80 metres of cables down a 50% grade with no damage to the trees or any root disturbance.

Gas and Water in an Urban Setting

A new minor dwelling required both gas and water connections. However, the building was behind the main house and 80m down a driveway.

Directional drilling meant we could drill from the roadside and under the driveway. The 32mm gas line and 25mm water main were both laid within a couple of hours and with no mess and no damage to the driveway, saving the owners thousands.

Water Solution For a Commercial Property

The final connection point into the building for the water main from its supply was 120 metres away. In between was an extensive concreted driveway and parking area, which also had several other services running beneath it.

Directional drilling removed the need for the extensive trenching and concrete cutting that would have been required for both the water main and the underground cable installation for the pump. Using directional drilling we were able to install both water and power without drama.

To avoid the various other utilities running through the area, the drilling was done at a greater depth than normal, thereby going underneath the services and avoiding the hazards.

Directional Drilling

For Underground Service Installation When Open Trenches Just Won’t Cut It

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Directional Drilling Services North Auckland.

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