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Underground Service Locators

If you’re planning to excavate, the last thing you want to do is hit any gas, water, power or telecommunications cables.

Check Before You Dig.

Underground Detection Services

Whether you’re wanting to replace a fence at your home or bach, planning on building a new shed or secondary dwelling, or you’re a contractor installing a new cable along a street or shared accessway, it’s critical you know where all underground cables are before you start any excavation work. And that’s where we come in. We’re specialist utility cable locators servicing North Auckland. Over the years, we’ve worked on a range of industrial, commercial and residential sites.

We locate:

  • Power cables
  • Data cables
  • Water mains
  • Gas lines
  • Ducts

Safety first

Call Gulf Digging on 0274752331 so you can carry out safe excavation and underground work. Always Check Before You Dig!

Not only will we prevent you damaging any existing underground power, water, gas and telecommunication services, we’ll also ensure the safety of the people working on your project.

You should call
027 475 2331 
if you’re:


  • Installing new underground electrical or civil services
  • Planning maintenance on existing underground water, gas, power or sewer lines
  • Building a new fence
  • Laying a new driveway
  • Planning a new subdivision or development.

Before You Dig

Dig and build in safety. We can come out and accurately locate underground services, then mark the ground so you can see where your ducts and cables come from, and where they go to.

Before You Dig
Call 0274752331.

We’re Underground Service Locaters, Thrusting and Trenching Contractors

Thrusting Services North Auckland.

No Trench, No Mess, No Fuss;
We Know The Drill.

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Directional Drilling Services North Auckland.

No Trench,
No Mess,
No Fuss;
We Know The Drill.

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